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What is Herbal Medicine?

It is in our nature to adapt with and for the plants, a beautiful symbiosis that ensured our survival throughout the ages. In many respects, we have forgotten this connection to our most primal self. 

The herbs are there to remind us, to heal us, and to aid us in our growth and journey. Herbal medicine consists of teas, alcohol tinctures, granules, capsules, honeys, syrups, floral waters, or elixirs for ingestion, as well as oils, salves, creams, poultices, etc. for topical application. The delivery method and which herbs are used are carefully chosen and formulated by the herbalist to meet your immediate (acute) and long-term needs. The herbalist is merely a messenger, connecting you to your medicine.

Herbal Consultations

-Meet and Greet: 15 mins, free

-Inital (1.5 hrs): $60

-Follow up (30-60): $30

*Herbal Consultations are informed by a Medical Astrology and Ayurvedic approach to medicine, as well as a Romany and Yakut worldview. 


Over 90% of tinctures are ethically wildcrafted or homegrown without use of any chemicals. Many are tinctured fresh. For practitioners interested in formulating tinctures, please email Ada at for a complete list of tinctured herbs. A formula request can be submitted to Ada on the contact page. Herbs will be delivered for free in the North Okanagan area within 36 hours, and mailed with express post within 1-2 days for other addresses within Canada. 

Within clinic, the following base prices apply:


25 ml = $7

50ml = $12

100ml = $20

200ml =$35


50g $10

100g $20

Capsules are herb dependant

Medicinal Creams/Salves 

$15 for 60 ml

$30 for 120 ml

*Please allow a 36 hour turn-around time for the making of your medicine. ​

Energetic & Spirit Medicine

An energetic session begins with a discussion of what the patient would like to address. Energy workers acknowledge that Spirit is weaved into material reality and disturbances to Spirit affects the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. As vibrational beings, we are directly connected to the infinite wisdom of this universe and are a direct reflection of it. 

The work seeks to identify where disturbances exist and arose from. It includes: drum journey, ancestral healing, clearing entities and blockages, spirit attachment, trauma from soul loss, abuse, assault, or grief. Herbal medicines are also prescribed to assist with the patient's integration. 

Energetic and spirit medicine session are only done in person. They can range in length and are $100 per hour. Entheogenic fungi is often used, however only if the individual is called to the medicine.


To book your herbal medicine consultation or energetic session, or for further details regarding plant spirit medicine, please email at

Herbal medicine clinic hours are: Sundays & Mondays 12 p.m.-4p.m. at Ada's residence. Zoom consults and energetic sessions by appointment only, with dates dependant on availability.  

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