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Earth is our original mother. We vow to protect her, until the day we reunite as one. We take care of her and she takes care of us…

Welcome to our little slice of paradise. Wild Ridge Herb Farm is a lifelong dream coming to fruition. Our aspirations include: self-sustainability, food forests, polycultures and closed loop farming, a home-based apothecary, homesteading, animal care, plant care, rewilding, and building local resilient communities.

Our physical offerings include dried/fresh herbs, herbal medicine and herbal skincare, flowers, and a once monthly CSA subscription to the previously mentioned items. Herbs are grown without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides and herbal skincare and medicines are formulated with care, out of Splatsin territory. A gentle approach is taken with skincare products, with the least amount of irritants and for sensitive skins. Ingredients are organically sourced. Oils are infused slowly and products are handmade in small batches, with refillable and reusable containers being the goal. 

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